Wearable Creations 2015

… and now for something completely different: for me anyway….

I’m currently the production manager for a group of 50+ kids doing the J-Rock section of Stage Challenge and we’d booked some of them into a spot as entertainers in our local Wearable Creations event. Well, if you’re going to be at something all day you gotta make the most of it right?

So, as you do, I thought… “What the hang… let’s give this arty-creating thing a go”.


The theme was “The Future and Beyond”. Over 400 mirrors, approximately 50 hours of country rock and the coolest hubby on the planet later this is what I had…. I called it ‘Connected’.

Chris 1

As technology blossoms, our lives become a mirror mosaic of those around us.

Without physical limitations we are able to connect, communicate and assimilate data, knowledge, experiences and cultures.

Customising your community is as simple as reaching out to people who validate your voice and who respond to your own values, opinions, wants and needs.

The collective voice created by these connections is strong enough to initiate change at a far greater speed than revolutions of old. But each connection is as fragile as the mirror it is built on and just as sharp.

A single voice is easily swept aside.

An individual becomes invisible


We didn’t win any awards – but we weren’t aiming to. We were aiming to entertain. I reckon that between the kids, the crowd, the eyeball-blowing creations, the performers (yes, Nifty Nana’s, I’m looking at you)  and the hardworking crew of officials and supporters backstage it was Mission Accomplished.

Massive Cheers and Hugs to everyone involved.