One Line

Just write one line.


Because Chuck said so. Because that’s what writers do. Write.

But what do I write about?

Dunno. You have a whole notebook full of your own ideas and three pages of ideas from your kids. The literary world is your proverbial oyster.

Cut the Shakespearean crap. You know how hard oysters are to get into eh?

Yeah. But the guy saying it had a sword and you have a pen, both of which make the challenge a tad easier and just that little more exciting.

Only if you like seafood.

Sheesh, okay Negative Nelly. The world is not an oyster. It is a box of chocolates.

Really. Gump? Now?

Why? Is there ever a bad time to quote Gump?



While watching The Hunger Games.

Run Peeta Run.

James Bond?

The name’s Bond. James Bond. Wanna Chocolate?

Die Hard?

Stupid is as Stupid does… Hey, I caught that.


Your cheek twitched. Admit it. You almost smiled.

Did not.



Guess what?


You just wrote 137 words in a little under a minute.

Ha, go figure. I guess Chuck was right.

He usually is.







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