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How many of you have had a dream since childhood? Or started life following one path and then felt the need to change it?

How many of you want to change your future or enrich your life but don’t know how?

While it is really easy to accept life the way it is, over the next few weeks we are going to meet some incredible people who have not let life dictate their future. They have chosen to go back to school and create a different outcome for themselves and their families, in an effort that is nothing short of inspirational.

Turning a Dream into a Reality

Julie Jensen has a dream.  “I have always been fascinated by how the body works and how it heals” remembers Julie “nurses have such an important role in that process, it was a no-brainer that that would be my career of choice”.

But Julie didn’t get to fulfil her ambition straight away. “I was very sports orientated at school and even if I could have made it academically, I didn’t have the self-confidence to follow through. I just figured that I’d get to it one day”.

When she left college, Julie’s dream was put on the backburner as she got on with the realities of life, including getting married and having three children.

It was only after her youngest child had started school and Julie was able to take a break from being a full-time wife and mother that she realized that if she wanted to follow her dream now was the time to do it.

“I realised that I could actually do this. All my previous excuses didn’t apply any more. I was an adult so my grades didn’t matter, I had life experience, self confidence and financially we could cope. At age 41 I also appreciated that this was my last chance”

While studying full-time towards her Bachelor of Nursing and travelling to EIT in Taradale five days a week takes some organisation, it hasn’t been as challenging as people tend to think.

“It’s no different to a family where both parents work – you all make small alterations to your life to get the job done” explains Julie. “In the scheme of things taking three years now to gain a qualification that will enhance our lives in so many ways in the future makes perfect sense.”

“I love the mental stimulation I get from learning, but most of all I love caring for people. As a nurse you get to help people when they are at their most vulnerable, no matter what their age. I feel so privileged to be there with the knowledge to help them through it.”

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