About the Freelancer

Hire MeThe Freelance version of me has been working online since 2008, first as a marketer, then as a freelance writer writing articles covering everything from iPads and noise cancelling headphones to acne, relationship issues, social media and even writing in the digital era.

My former eLance profile has me at 90% plus for knowledge of SEO, Blogging and Writing and my clients were based as far afield as South Africa, Germany, England, Australia, Utah and Canada. Being a Kiwi, meant that although I was a day ahead of the pack, most of my meetings took place between the hours of 2 am and 5 am. This remains a testament to the unending patience of my sleep-loving husband, my ability to get up, dressed and made-up in ten minutes or less and the ability of my children to sleep through eight-person Skype sessions and rowdy Google Hangouts.

It has also allowed me to write in two languages: US English and ‘Proper’ English

In 2012 I became a full-time author, regularly collaborating with digital author-publishing legends like Sean Platt and David Masters and many other writers and editors in England, the USA and Canada. I am one of the authors who make up the Sterling and Stone published children’s fiction author Guy Incognito, and a contributing writer to the non-fiction Digital Writer and Social Caffeine e-series.

Between writing approximately 250,000 words a year; building websites and managing social media branding projects for local community groups; raising four children, being heavily involved in their school and the community I sometimes get time to write my own books, the first, Life with Twins was published in 2013.

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